Roof Repairs

Beginning Monday, December 8th, Roofmasters will be performing repairs on roofs throughout the Association. The needed repairs will require Roofmasters to access various levels of the rooftops, so residents should make preparations to ensure their privacy, such as closing drapes and blinds. The repairs are expected to be completed by Friday, December 12th, weather permitting. Repairs will include refastening or replacing missing
shingles and flashing, installing new plumbing collars, and clearing gutters of leaves and debris, among other things. Nothing extraordinary is
required of the residents for this service to be performed, other than to be aware that workers will be accessing the rooftops during these dates.

This information was taken from our Newsletter. No other information has been provided.

Christmas Lights

When putting up Christmas lights on your deck or porch railings, you may use string, plastic coated twist ties found in a garden center or plastic zip ties. You may not use screws, nails, tape, metal baling wire or anything else that may damage the finish of the railings. Please do not attached ANYTHING to the siding or trim on the building. If you have any questions, please contact our property manager.